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Deputy Director Hu Hualong of Environmental Protection Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Technology Center visited Xin Zhongtian for solid waste glass-treated products technical requirement

Release time: 2018-07-23 Content source:暫無

On July 5,  Deputy Director Hu Hualong, and Dr. Liu Guoliang of Environmental Protection Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Technology Center , and Director Zha ping of Shanghai Solid Waste Management Center accompanied by the leadership of Chongqing Solid Waste Management center visited Xin Zhongtian Environment Protection Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xin Zhongtian"), to discuss the preparation of the technical requirements of the glass-treated solid waste products. Xin Zhongtian President as well as  State Environmental Protection Hazardous Waste Disposal Engineering Technology (Chongqing) Center (hereinafter referred to as "National Engineering Center") director Lin Huirong, Xin Zhongtian Executive Vice President Tao Xiaoyan, deputy director of the National Engineering Center Mao Xiaoying, and the National Engineering Center chief engineer Huang Aijun attended the symposium.  

At the meeting, Dr. Liu Guoliang introduced the technical requirements preparation status for Solid Waste Glass-treated  Products (hereinafter referred to as "Technical Requirements"). By digesting the relevant standards of Japan and France, they have made the indexes of the glass phase mass fraction, powder acid solubility, the dissolution and assay of the leaching toxicity . The experts and leaders discussed the index parameters affecting the stability of solid waste glass products of and the industrial guidance of the technical requirements, suggested studying foreign standards as well as domestic actual conditions in the process of compiling, and tried to use the test methods that the state has already approved for testing.The classification requirements of the glass solid waste products should be classified strictly according to the standard.

The experts offered professional insights and suggestions for the industry and management department in the symposium and helped further research on the glass products of solid waste.

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