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Xin Zhongtian Environment Protection Co., Ltd. has won top credit rating AAA among China Environmental Enterprises again

Release time: 2017-10-24 Content source:XZT

It is noted from China Environmental Protection Industry Association that Xin Zhongtian Environment Protection Co., Ltd. has won 9th batch of AAA credit rating among China Environmental Enterprises (AAA is the highest rating of enterprise credit). It is a special honor again for Xin Zhongtian since it has been appraised State credit rating AAA for many years.

Established in 2008,Xin Zhongtian Environment Protection Co., Ltd. is the investment and financing and enterprise management platform of Zhongtian Environment Protection Group founded in 1994, the only leading enterprise with complete hazardous waste disposal chain in China and the integrated provider for hazardous waste disposal and resource utilization. It owns one of three, the only one in western area and the only relying private enterprises of State Environmental Protection Engineering Technology (Chongqing) Centre for Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal, Chongqing Musicality Enterprise Technology centre and hazardous waste key laboratories.Since its foundation, Xin Zhongtian has been specialized in industrial waste disposal and recycling field and has pursued diversified development of technology and professional technical service with the tenet of " high moral principal is the basis of Zhongtian" and business philosophy of "be sincere, be professional". Xin Zhongtian pursues perfect details and efficient customer service, and passes top AAA credit assessment.

Xin Zhongtian always treasures intangible asset of enterprise credit, enhances fine management, standardizes the construction of disposal plant and actively participates in credit assessment and reassessment work. As the leader of environmental protection industry, Xin Zhongtian adheres to hazardous waste disposal principal of "reduction, resource recovery, harmlessness", actively respond and practice two-mountain theory of "green mountain with clean water is golden and silver mountain" and the concept of "green development". Driven by scientific innovation, Xin Zhongtian owns complete professional qualifications ranging from environment pollution treatment, municipal environment protection project construction, environment protection facility operation, special design, and project consultation and quality certification of environment protection project special design. Xin Zhongtian has built a complete chain with unique core technology, professional management team, international strategic cooperation, advanced environmental protection development concept, rich project management experience, effective quality guarantee system and complete service network for hazardous waste disposal and recycling from equipment and project construction to operation management, from base and application technology to production technology, from hazardous waste disposal to recycling utilization, from consultation and hoisting operation service to waste management service. Xin Zhongtian has owned more than 60 patents in hazardous waste incineration technology and has won the titles of "Relying Units of Major Environment Protection Technical Equipment", "Yearly Benchmarking Enterprise for Hazardous Waste Integrated Disposal" and " Management Science Special Award: Excellence Award" encouraged by the State.

Meanwhile as environment emergency rescue backbone units in Chongqing, Xin Zhongtian actively takes part in all kinds of environment emergency rescue work in Chongqing for years. With fast response speed and strong emergency treatment capability, Xin Zhongtian fully displays enterprise social responsibility and makes contribution to sustainable and healthy development of national economy and benign development of environmental protection industry.

As noted, enterprise credit ratings are assessed from five aspects including enterprise overall quality, financial status, management level, competence and social credit. Enterprise credit ratings are confirmed according to assessment result, that is three level: A level,B level and C level, and nine classes: AAA class, AA class, A class, BBB class, BB class, B class, CCC class, CC class and C class.

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