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Xin Zhongtian reaches record high level again: incineration system continuous operation days break through 130 days and maintains leading level in domestic hazardous waste disposal

Release time: 2017-10-11 Content source:XZT

It is happy to hear that Changshou disposal plant of Chongqing TIANZHI Environment Protection Co., Ltd. continues to operate and breaks through 4 months (130 days). Continuous operatation days of incineration system reach 135 days. Single disposal time exceeds 3000 hours, creates the best historic level, is ahead of domestic hazardous waste disposal industry and reaches the operation level of GSB hazardous waste plant contracted by Germany Lurgi-Lentjes in Bavaria. Single disposal and annual accumulated disposal time is long than Suez Sita Disposal plant in Shanghai Chemical Park.

Xin Zhongtian Environment Protection Co., Ltd. sends a congratulation letter to Chongqing TIANZHI Environment Protection Co., Ltd., conveys sincere greeting to the employees of Changshou division and expresses warm congratulations on its good achievement.

As the subsidiary company of Xin Zhongtian Environment Protection Co., Ltd, Chongqing TIANZHI Environment Protection Co., Ltd. is the earliest company specialized in handling hazardous waste collection, storage, utilization and disposal in Chongqing. Since its introduction of Germany Lurgi-Lentjes incineration technology in 2005, TIANZHI emphasizes scientific and technological innovation, tackles multiple problems, digests technology and make innovation, and improves production operation level continuously. Changshou plant and urban plants provide a strong guarantee for Chongqing hazardous waste standardized disposal; the service coverage also contains Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou province and it makes prominent contribution to local and national environment protection business.

The employees of Changshou division proceed with confidence, forge ahead in unity, enhance management, make solid operation, summarize, and pursue excellence under right leadership of the company for years. The medals and trophies represent the acknowledgement of social public and win wide market for the enterprise.

Currently, national environment protection industry is in golden period of prosperous and great development. The company is also in key period of strategic expansion and transformation and upgrading. The employees shall seize the opportunity and create glory again surrounding closely company strategic target and annual task.

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