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Environmental Protection Ministry: The Assessment of hazardous waste supervision to be listed into the local environmental performance assessment index system

Release time: 2017-07-19 Content source:gufeiwang

According to the introduction of Environmental Protection Ministry, each province should improve hazardous waste environmental supervision and regulation system, implement the government's supervision responsibility and enterprise's main body responsibility, continuously promote the supervision information level of hazardous waste environment, actively promote the standardized management of hazardous waste production and management units, and effectively reduce the environmental pollution and environmental safety hazards in accordance with the requirement of " Twelfth Five-Year Plan " National Hazardous Waste Standardized Management Supervision  Assessment Plan(hereinafter referred to as "Plan") during "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period.

On account of the problems such as poor attention to hazard waste management, disposal capacity with structural supply-demand contradiction, inappropriate implementation of enterprise's main body responsibility, weak management basis and capability found in "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" standardized assessment, "Plan" puts forward the requirement in the perspective of perfecting management system, strengthening management, promoting fine management, enhancing environmental risk control and so on.

"Plan" requires connecting the problems found in the assessment with the environmental law-enforcing work, whereas the assessment results can be taken into the social credit records of the market subjects if the conditions are available.

"Plan" proposes to encourage the integration of dual random inspection system and combine assessment work of hazardous wastes standardized management into the daily environmental supervision to further strengthen assessment; makes Rating Index for Hazardous Waste Standardized Management Supervision(herein referred as "Rating Index") to evaluate province(district, municipality); requires each province (district, municipality) incorporating the hazardous waste standardized management supervision assessment to the local environmental protection performance appraisal index system, and comprehensively applying the measures such as notice of criticism, the listed supervisory, and meeting government officials to urge local governments and departments to implement regulatory responsibilities.

"Plan" proposes to set up graded responsibility of assessment system to spot check the national standardized management status by taking the province (district, municipality) as the main organization; define assessment method and assess the province according to Rating Index. The province shall combine with local actual case with reference to "Rating Index", adjust index appropriately to assess the municipality, assess waste production unit and operation unit with reference to Hazardous Waste Standardized Management Index System (Environment office 2015, NO. 99), highlight problem record during inspection and fill in The basic Condition Record of Sampling Unit.

"Plan" also proposes to make yearly work plan of supervision assessment, indentify key waste production units and other waste production units, highlight the inspection on operation units and key waste production units and clarify identification requirement of key waste production units as per requirement of assessment.

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